I have great pleasure in welcoming all of you to the website of Asian Squash Federation.

With the successes that our Member National Federations have achieved in the past many years, the ASF has become a very active and contributive Regional Federation of the World Squash family. Such an achievement does not come by chance but the joint effort of each and every member of our Federation. We have all the necessary ingredients among our members to continue with a healthy growth in the coming years and I, together with my management team who not only have great passion for squash but also a heart to serve, will endeavour to offer support to members for achieving our common goal.

I am very pleased about the fact that many members have shown their eagerness and willingness to serve the Federation that it surely presents a strong momentum for the ASF to move forward. As the President, it will certainly be my task to collaborate all these positive energies and resources to produce the best product desired by all of us. I can see that all of you are good team players and the ASF shall no doubt be the best team in the world.

As committed, I shall work closely with the ExCo and ManCom for providing continued quality services to our members and hopefully with new development initiatives in certain areas. I have introduced programme support enhancement for coaching and refereeing activities for member federations, especially the developing nations. I have put aside funding for the coaching and referee development programmes.

I am pleased to see that the Secretariat now located in Hong Kong is running smoothly and I look forward to a closer communication with all of you.

Here I would like to thank all of my predecessors for their great contributions to the ASF in the past many years who have taken the ASF to a new level.

Last but not least, I wish to seek your continued support to the ASF.

David Mui, MH JP